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June 2020 A few hours west of Tenterfield is a fairly big place called Inverell. This was the next stop on our post covid travels. (Yep post covid travels is a thing now) Our plan was to make our way slowly towards Lightning Ridge, and Inverell seemed like a good place to stay for a few nights. We have been fossicking for sapphires before in Rubyvale, Qld and we all loved it… Read More

Our first week on the road post covid-19 lockdown, we headed a couple of hours down the road to the beautiful Tenterfield. Even though some borders are still closed, including the Queensland/NSW border camping is now allowed in NSW so we decided it was time to hit the road again to make the most of the time we have in our caravan. Even though we could cross the QLD border given that… Read More

This is life in our caravan during covid-19

London trains are great if there is only one of you. If there is four of you and you’re not going too far it’s actually cheaper in a taxi. If you do decide to use buses and trains and are staying in London a few days buy a oyster card. If we had done this right from the start we would’ve saved ourselves a lot of money. Get yourself somewhere to stay… Read More

Just recently we flew 21 hours from Australia to London with a 1 hour stopover in Dubai, we’ve flown before with our kids but the longest flight was about 6 hours. We flew over 3 times that long this time and theres a few things I learnt along the way! A one hour stopover to get from one plane to another in a huge airport like Dubai is not enough time! Especially… Read More