Stop number one on our official first week travelling, technically we have been travelling since August 2019 but its been a bit all over the place with trips to Europe and China thrown in and lots of time spent parked at families houses in NSW while we changed vans and did all the jobs we needed to do before we fully left.

So with the date to leave supposed to be early January and it now being mid way through February we have finally launched for the 2nd time. First stop was Yamba, NSW. We stayed at the Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort, and man oh man is it lush! Located right on the Clarence river it is one huge park. Complete with jumping pillow, slides, water park, games room and its own private jetty, the pool even has a swim up bar! We only spent two nights here and it cost us $78.30 per night for the 4 of us but we had such a good time I would spend the money again!

Day one in Yamba saw us go for a drive to find the famous Yamba rock pool. We had had a lot of rain the previous week which was also part of the delay in us taking off as there were roads closed and talk of cyclones, the tides had been huge and the swells big too. We found the rock pool but one of the roads down was closed, we wondered why but soon figured it out when we got down there and had a closer inspection. There was foam every where! Literally everywhere and was still rolling in. We walked down onto the beach way back near the surf club only to be surrounded by SO MUCH FOAM! The surf club even had it half way up the walls, it was crazy! There were other kids running around so our boys found a couple of friends and ran around with them and we got some amazing photos, although I was pretty quick to make sure the kids were throughly washed when we were done, it was kinda gross as you could see no water, nothing but dirty swirling foam.

The next day we went to Angourie, all 3 boys are keen, although amateur surfers and we were looking for a beach they could surf at. We found more then a beach though, we found the blue and green pools as well as some amazing rock pools.While you can’t currently swim at the green and blue pools and they have lost a lot of their colour the view out to the ocean from here and the amazing natural rock pools formed in the rocks are beautiful. We spent quite a bit of time exploring and rock climbing and the swell was massive so there were surfers over on the point that we had fun watching. We then took ourselves to Spooky beach so the boys could test out their skills on the much smaller waves nearer to the shore. Its such a pretty beach and we honestly could’ve stayed all day only we were all hungry and the kids were super pumped to order hot chips from the swim up bar back at the park, what a novelty!

The last afternoon was spent swimming in the gorgeous pools and watching the sunset out on the wharf. While we didn’t stay long enough to see it all we stayed long enough to know that Yamba is a must see and do, plus the sunrises from the Blue Dolphin over the jetty are perfect, put it on your must stay list!

Blue dolphin resort jetty at sunrise.
Sunset reflections on the river.
Perfect place to take in the beach views.

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